Hello all!

This is the very first entry of what will become a collective spot for all my thoughts, stories, and updates regarding my game development journey. It will in its first stages revolve primarily around Rushaug: Project Emerald until it is finished and I move onto it’s inevitable sequel, among other unrelated projects. After eight years of development, there is a lot of stories to be told and experiences to be shared, as I’ve forged this still incomplete game into what it is through trial and error.


First off I would like to summarize my social platforms;
Rushaug: Project Emerald can be found on Facebook, Twitter, & Instragram.

Currently, there is an uneven distribution of screenshots, posts, and other form of content amongst these platforms, but  I will make an attempt to centralize all content around this devlog, but for the time being, the facebook page is the most up-to-date.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned to gain more insights into my game making journey, as well as early peeks at whats new in Rushaug: Project Emerald!