I’m confident my game will provide players a very original and firm platforming experience. I also think the visuals are appealing, with a retro pixel art vibe that will intrigue. That being said, I think my best sales-pitch of this game is the uniquely rich world the game is set in.

My mother is very passionate about animals, and I must have inherited that trait from her myself. I grew up with a lot of cats in my household, and I was fond of them from the very first moment. I was also very influenced by fictional characters such as Super Mario, and at one point I started imagining a character of my own. At one point, my parents took me to the cinema to watch “Cats & Dogs” a thrilling family movie about spy dogs and spy cats fighting each other for being most favored by us humans. I was captivated by the movie. I grew inspired, and I was in no doubt what my character would be like. At age of four, I came up with a cat-like being, who was supposed to be a “cool” and intimidating character with an arsenal of explosive weapons. Rushaug was born. I remember drawing tons of sketches of him from kindergarten well into elementary school. Rushaug first wielding grenades in the beginning, and then laser swords when I got obsessed with Star Wars. As I evolved, and became influenced by the media culture around me, so did Rushaug. His agenda, aesthetics, and personality becoming more and more refined as the years passed. After years of development, I wanted to give him a style of his own.


Rushaug is the result of two decades of daydreaming. He started off as a sort of imaginary friend which I made up at very young age, and he has been with me ever since. Very simplistic in the beginning, he was just an awesome cat without meaningful character development, killing bad guys without much thought or reasoning to it. However, as I matured, I wanted to breathe purpose and definition into his character. I forged the world around him into a living environment, with ideals and lore. A political climate which would sculpt his beliefs, and fateful events that would impact his emotions, and forge his motives.

In the end, I am proud to have created my own immersive universe, rich in stories to tell. This was never just an idea for a video game, it’s so much more than that.
Rushaug: Project Emerald is just the beginning of a franchise that will hopefully move beyond just video games.