Game & Web Designer | Visual Artist


profilbilde34aspectfilterMy name is Tobias Edvardsen. I make video games, manage my own business, and love to express my creativity. I also suffer from a life-threatening lung disease.

Here I want to share my experience on how I make my living, how my condition affects my mind and body, and what I manage to accomplish despite my struggles.

Who I am

I am a Norwegian citizen, born in ’96. I am a guy with lots of ambition and intent. To describe my attributes both good and bad, I would say that I have a lot of foresight, conscientiousness, solicitude, and loyalty, but I can also be stubborn, cynical, stingy, and vengeful to some extent. My interests consists of watching movies, playing video games, lifting weights, and expressing my creativity through painting, writing, drawing, and designing. My optimal way of life would be to do all my work from a laptop, canvas, or a sheet of paper, without being restricted to one place, let alone a country.
That, without disease and physical restrictions of course.

What I do

I have a passion for creating things. Everything from visual art such as abstract, traditional, and digital to literature. I use programming as a medium to tell my stories through video games.
I spent a lot of my time as a child playing them, and quickly developed a desire to create my own games. Ever since my first game Super Mario Land for the Gameboy, I started to imagine levels, characters, and worlds of my own. At the age of 3 I started to draw my own levels on sheets of paper. At the age of 10 I started using my first game development software. There on after, in the course of many years I’ve spent dragging hours learning how to bring my games to life. I’m now at the point where my dream game is visible in the horizon, yet I still have so much more to learn.

My struggle

I was born with a genetic disorder known as HHT (Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia). This disease manifested in my lungs, severely limiting my oxygen uptake. Leaving me in a constant state of hypoxia, it affects every little aspect of my life. Walking up stairs, going out with friends, concentrating on tasks, and even the tiniest things such as putting on clothes can be a huge hassle. My life and very well being is at risk if I don’t do my best to stay healthy.
I don’t want my story to be a depressing one, about a man tormented by illness. However, it is a big part of my life, affects everything I do, and threatens my very life and well being. I want to give people an understanding of my situation. I will share my moments of weakness and despair, and my moments of strength and triumph.
I also want to increase awareness towards HHT.


Despite having a demanding handicap, I attempt to spend my time creating things and doing things I love. I try not be consumed by hateful thoughts around my illness and the injustice of it, I try to upkeep a caring outlook on the world instead. Overall, I am a creative guy.

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