Game & Web Designer | Visual Artist


Who I am

Tobias Edvardsen, born 1996, from Holmestrand, Norway. I pursue all kinds of creative endeavors; most predominantly writing, painting, and game development. I have a big passion for travelling, my favorite countries thus far is Japan, Morocco, and Portugal.

My Struggle

Without exaggeration, I can say I have an enemy inside my chest, that has tormented me since birth. Invisible at first, it remained a ticking time-bomb that would without doubt have been my demise had it not been for my mother who thankfully was warned by her mother’s instinct. Subtle clues such as my purple nails and shortness of breath ultimately gave away the once invisible threat. A single typo in my DNA burdened my lungs to grow lethal clusters of malformed blood vessels draining me of oxygen while threatening to rupture into bloody catastrophe. More than fifteen surgeries throughout my childhood all the way into adulthood has kept the brakes on any nuclear decision made by the cursed AVM’s (Arteriovenous Malformations) inside my chest. Despite the incredible advances in medical technology, my breathing is still the equivalent of standing on top of Mount Everest. How I’m still able to stand on my legs are due to something my army of doctors call “compensatory adaption mechanics” or something along that line. In short, I simply perform athletic altitude training 24/7, 365 days a year. This does take a toll on my body, and not least of all my mood. However, this would not and will not deter me from chasing my dreams and marking my place in the world.

My “Mission”

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had an overwhelming urge to create things. Any time, anywhere I was, I’d have a pencil, paintbrush, or some kind of artistic instrument in hand. You’ll find that hasn’t changed much to this date. I started using computers to turn my creative endeavours into digital form. Combining visual mediums with interactive designs would send me on my way to create my largest project to date.

I spent a lot of my time as a child playing video games, and quickly developed a desire to create my own. Ever since my first game Super Mario Land for the Gameboy, I started to imagine levels, characters, and worlds of my own. At the age of 3 I started to draw my own levels on sheets of paper. At the age of 10 I started using my first game development software. There on after, in the course of many years I’ve spent dragging hours learning how to bring my games to life. Today my most ambitious project “Rushaug: Project Emerald” is present on the world largest game platform Steam, and I’ve been partnered with Nintendo.

Despite my artistic pursuits in the digital world, my love for the traditional paintbrush is stronger than ever. I sold my first painting in the spring of 2021, and demand is rising.


Norwegian citizen, born in ’96, creative type. Stubborn.

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