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Rushaug: Project Emerald

Rushaug: Project Emerald tells the story of a galaxy threatened by totalitarian dictatorship, and a feline willing to sacrifice everything to restore independence. Colorsky Star Force (CSF), a joint military organization is fighting to defend the Sayari System from the invading Dekenzia Major Allegiance (DMA), an imperial monarchy determined to unify all star systems under the will of a single cat. In the middle of this conflict is Rushaug, an elite soldier operating behind enemy lines, gathering critical information, all while sabotaging the enemy from the inside. His accomplishments does not go unnoticed, and he is quickly building a reputation after he defeats DMA’s greatest operative; Ridley Wesker. The DMA is determined to stop the threat, prompting Zargasso to dispatch additional forces to hunt down and eliminate Rushaug. Unknownly, Rushaug is about to meet his equal; Red Nuke.

Rushaug has been operating within the Sayari Task Force for a while, and recently uncovered secret documents revealing a mysterious application being developed by the DMA. What is Project Emerald? Find out soon!

My main and most ambitious project at this time. It will be the pioneer of a franchise telling the story of Rushaug, a fictional character who I made up at very young age, and has followed me since. In a galaxy threatened by totalitarian dictatorship, he is the key in turning the tides into the favor of democracy and independence.

A demo is now public! Play through the first mission to get the feel of the game, and optionally provide feedback to support the development!
Click here to download the latest build on the game’s Game Jolt page!

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