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Rushaug: Project Emerald

Rushaug: Project Emerald tells the story about a galaxy threatened by totalitarian dictatorship, and a feline willing to sacrifice everything to restore independence.
The war between the Colorsky Star Force and Dekenzia Major Allegience has been raging on for three years now, and things are only getting worse. Rushaug has been operating within the Sayari Task Force for a while, and recently uncovered secret documents revealing a mysterious application being developed by the DMA. What is Project Emerald? Find out soon!

My main and most ambitious project at this time. It will be the pioneer of a franchise telling the story of Rushaug, a fictional character who I made up at very young age, and has followed me since. In a galaxy threatened by totalitarian dictatorship, he is the key in turning the tides into the favor of democracy and independence.


Follow the development progress here.

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