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Rushaug: Project Emerald

My main and most ambitious project at this time. It will be the pioneer of a franchise telling the story of Rushaug, a fictional character who I made up at very young age, and has followed me since. In a galaxy threatened by totalitarian dictatorship, he is the key in turning the tides into the favor of democracy and independence.

<iframe frameborder="0" src=";bg_color=3d4450&amp;fg_color=dad5c8&amp;link_color=50e8b4&amp;border_color=4f6781&quot; width="552" height="167" ><a="" href="; >rushaug:="" project="" emerald="" by="" tobiasedvardsen&lt

Follow the development progress here.



Cruise Tycoon

A little side project I went on to start developing during my time at Sunnhorldland. The player will have to manage a cruise with both economy and the passengers satisfaction in mind.



Gyro Miner

Also in early stages of development. In Gyro Miner, the players task is to mine as deep as possible in order to extract valuable minerals, all while avoiding unpredictable hazards the rich planet has to offer.



The Trio

A humorous game which doesn’t take itself too seriously. The player will have to alternate between playing as me and my two mates, Deividas and Magnus, using our distinctive personalities in order to solve puzzles.